Suzlon Share Target Price

Suzlon Share Target Price: 2024, 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030 (Long-Term Future: 500+++)

We’ll talk about Suzlon Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030, and 2040 today. Suzlon was formerly the country’s biggest supplier of renewable energy, and we’ll talk about what type of performance it could show in the future. We can definitely find out.

The financial crisis ultimately had a detrimental effect on the business of the company, which caused the share price of Suzlon to drop precipitously.

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The NSE: Suzlon Share Price Target, Future Prediction, Forecast for Suzlon Energy (सुजलॉन एनर्जी) is 2024–2035.

The long-term chart of Suzlon Energy is awful, and the stock of the company has still dropped by more than 80% from its peak. However, it has been operating well for a while. Government policies and the growing trend of renewable energy have led to strong growth for all companies involved in this industry, including Suzlon, and this growth is expected to continue in the future. But since this could take some time, investors should adjust their investment approach in this industry appropriately.

About Suzlon Energy Company

The use of sustainable power sources is being redefined and revolutionized globally by Suzlon Energy, one of the leading suppliers of green energy solutions worldwide.

Suzlon Energy’s robust capabilities in renewable energy systems are driving a more environmentally friendly future. Currently, Suzlon is available in eighteen countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Suzlon Share Target Price

SUZLON Share Price Target in the Next 1,3,5,7,8 and 12 Years

PeriodsShare price target
1 Year₹49.53
2 Year₹57.27
3 Year₹68.10
4 Year₹78.75
5 Year₹86.60
6 Year₹95.71
7 Year₹105.54
8 Year₹117.38
9 Year₹129.24
10 Year₹145.08
Since 2008, Suzlon Energy Share (532667) has been operating at a very low level. The year it did well was followed by another crash. However, if we examine the recent three to four years’ performance, we can see that the company’s shares have grown significantly since 2020.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2024

Suzlon Energy alone holds a 33 percent market share, suggesting that it is one of India’s major players in the wind energy sector.

In response to the increasing demand for renewable energy, the company continues to make significant investments in expanding its power generation capacity.

The company can now produce 19,108 MW of power, but management plans to dramatically boost investment each year to raise that capacity in the near future.

While the company’s own power production capacity will be observed increasing in a number of ways, Suzlon Energy is continuously working to boost the production capacity of its wind turbines. Consequently, you will see an increase in the market share of the business.

Target YearMinimum Price Maximum Price
2024₹ 55₹ 80

SUZLON Share Price Target 2025

2025Share Price Target
Suzlon Energy is poised for great things in the future. The company is working nonstop to increase the range of items it offers and solidify its position in the market. The need for sustainable energy solutions will rise in the near future as nations all over the world establish goals for the quick expansion of renewable energy.
Suzlon is poised to achieve even greater success in the sector thanks to its strategic relationships and constant commitment to research and development. In regards to Suzlon Energy’s share price target through 2025, it may reach ₹56.27.

SUZLON Share Price Target 2026

2026Share Price Target

Suzlon Share Price Target 2040

With the environment in mind, the Indian government is steadily increasing its reliance on different renewable energy sources over time.

The overarching objective of the government is to shift significantly to renewable energy sources in the next years. In order to do this, the government is heavily funding this sector.

In addition, under new initiatives to support companies in the green energy industry, the government is perceived to be continuously providing support in a number of ways to boost productivity, which has led to Suzlon Energy and others like it.

Future business growth will surely be substantial because of how well the companies are exploiting the several government efforts.

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What are the upcoming projects of Suzlon energy?

According to the release, Suzlon Group was awarded a new contract to create a 300 MW wind power project for Apraava Energy Private Ltd. Suzlon will deliver wind turbines and oversee the project, including commissioning, as part of the arrangement.

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