INTERIM UNION BUDGET 2024-25 – Hello friends, I am Ujjwal Tiwari, welcome all of you friends on Technosparken, like every  year, this year also you will get the analysis of the entire budget inside this blog, keep in mind that this time’s budget is being done before the Lok Sabha elections, so this is an interim budget, which is the complete budget, it will come to you after the elections, but this is no less important. Here you will get to know a lot of things, I have tried in this entire blog.

  What important things has been said by Nirmala Sitharaman ji at various places?

 All those things will be included, basically in two parts, we will discuss it, in the first part, the things that have been said here related to the scheme, those related to other things, and in the second part, the numbers that are here, whether it is the number of fiscal deficit, the number of capital expenditure, the number that the government spends, where does it go, where does the money come from, all those things are one-If you are going to find one thing inside this blog, then you will definitely get to understand  everything till the end, let’s move forward

 First of all, let me tell you some constitutional provisions, whenever we talk about the budget, remember that the term is not budget, it is not a mention within the constitution, basically you get annual financial statement within the constitution and if you see article 266 of our constitution, then parliamentary approval is needed in it.

 Whenever the government has to withdraw any money and spend it, that is, the Consolidated Fund of India in which all the money goes, if the government does not have to get even one rupee from there, then the government has to get approval from Parliament for that and that is why every year the government brings this annual financial statement, that is, it takes permission from the Parliament and under the Constitution, which is under Article 112 to 117. It is related to all these things and especially Article  114 clause three, if you see, then the government is proposing there, it will do it with the permission of Parliament, but here what I was telling you is full budget and what is interim budget normally, every year what I make a  blog  for you is related to full budget but now what is it not that you know here If there is a Lok Sabha election and the result of the election will come in the month of May, then you can say that the new government will come

It will work from  1st  June, now understand one thing in this, which is our financial year, from when it starts, from first April to 31 of March, so what will happen now that everything will go well till  31  of March, but the next two months  means the month of April and May when the entire election process is going on, then in a way you can say for those two months. This is an interim budget, but it does not mean that the government is spending only two months’ money here

 Basically, the government announces many things, the government will tell that in the last  5  years, like the present government has been there for 10 years, then it tells the details of the last  10  years  here, it says that look, we have done all these things, we are going to have this M in the coming years, so you will get all those things, I have seen many people confused. Let me tell you, these are almost the same, basically what is the vote on account that you take permission for a few months to run the expenditure here, as I told you, the financial year will end on March  31, then the government votes here to run the expenses in April. If you bring an account, then you should know this difference, then next here, if we talk about the complete preparation of the budget, who does it, see the Department of Economic Affairs within the Finance Ministry and within this department, the budget den is responsible by them, that means they have the responsibility that the entire preparation of the budget will be done by them, then remember. It is prepared by the Department of Economic Affairs within the Finance Ministry and the Budget Division within it

Look, before we start, let’s talk about some figures, it will be quite interesting. Look, if we talk about these terms of words, if we look at the number  of words, then the biggest budget and the historic budget  was the one in 1991 when Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister at that time, then he used  18650 words  in terms of words.

In our entire budget speech, if we talk about the longest a time, then here you can see 2  hours 42  minutes, this budget that Nirmala Sitharaman ji presented in  2020, in February, you will see the longest in terms of time, then apart from this, if we talk about which finance minister has presented the highest budget, then you can see here You can see Murarji Desai, he has presented  the budget 10 times and after that P Chittam, Pranab Mukherjee ji, CD Deshmukh, Yashwant Sinha and if we talk about Nirmala Sitharaman ji, then if we remove today’s budget, till now they had presented five budgets but now if you do today’s count, then it will be six, then their number will actually come here, okay, then that If you will get to see in the top five, then here Nirmala Sitharaman ji presented six budgets, along with this, here I will tell you about one thing in the budget often or a

Whenever we talk about the economy, there is a lot of discussion about GDP, then some milestones were achieved by India, such as the  figure of 1 trillion which is GDP, we had achieved  that

In 2007-8, we have achieved the  figure of two trillion dollar GDP.

We again achieved a GDP figure of $ 3  trillion in 2014-15.

In 2021-22,  another 5 trillion which is being talked about is estimated that

It will be achieved in 2026-27 and you must have seen that a small economic survey had come

 In that too, it was said here just two days ago that the figure of $  trillion dollars will be achieved by India in  2029-30, but at the same time, whenever there is talk of budget, one thing is always discussed that how the secrecy that is there here is kept.

 Look, it is very important, even a small thing of the budget cannot be revealed, so much is kept here in secrecy, the budget which was printed actually between 1951 and 1980,  today many things have become digital, but at that time when it was printed, then there was a press on Minto Road in Delhi, then things used to happen here. But keeping in mind the security, the government has put up a press in the basement below the office of the Finance Ministry, just outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan, there is a South Block and there is a North Block, the office of the PMO in South Block and the office of the Finance Ministry in North Block, the press that is here in the basement below the office of the Finance Ministry has been installed so that everything is well here. There is nothing leaked within the Finance Ministry, the Intelligence Bureau here keeps checking everything, whoever presents the budget here, they are not leaking, then along with this, the Intelligence Bureau also works with the Delhi Police.

 And full security is imposed, it becomes difficult for the press etc. to come there, okay, now we come, look at the budget, when Nirmala Sitharaman ji started the speech of the budget, the first thing she mentioned inside the budget, she said that look Narendra Modi ji had said something in December  2023 and he has referred to the forecast, actually Narendra Modi ji. said this in  December  2023

He said that for me there are the biggest four castes in the country, the first caste is the poor, the second caste is the youth and the third caste is the women for us and the fourth caste for us is the farmer. So poor young women and farmers are the most important castes, so actually, Nirmala Sitaramnagar was starting the speech, then in a way she was indicating that the main M of the Government of India is going to be on four people, one is going to be our focus on the poor, other young women and farmers.  It has been 10 years of the government, the NDA was one between  2014 and 2019, when we came to power in 2014  

 So we had many challenges, but we accepted all those challenges and brought structural reforms, we kept the pro people reforms within the economy, as well as the jobs that are there, we got a new purpose for the entrepreneur, got a new hope so that we can move forward, run our country forward. When we took over the second term in  2019, then we were here as the mantra of the government. What strengthened him was that we have to develop more and bring inclusive, here we have to bring inclusive in social and geographical terms and at the same time he also mentioned about Covid that how the whole country came together during the Covid pandemic and we fought it and at the same time there was a lot of discussion about self-reliant India

And on top of that, we have made a solid foundation, that is, in a way, in today’s date, we have made a solid foundation so that what we are entering in the Amrit Kaal, you know that PM Modi also discussed the Amrit Kaal and said that in 100 years when 100 years will be completed, then in  207   then we will move forward towards the developed nation, then along with this here But he has said that in the last  10 years, we have taken  out 25  crore people from multi-dimension poverty, apart from that he said that here we have reduced leakages, by transferring direct benefit and so far we have transferred 34 lakh crore within the total PM Jan Dhan account and due to this transfer, we have got  2.7 lakh crores.There was a profit of lakh crores, in a way you say that profit means savings, if we make it a distributor like before, then we would have spent a lot of money in it, but now what is it, the money that goes directly into the accounts of the people, then apart from this, he said that how we have brought together the National Agriculture Market, Mandis etc., increasing trading volumes etc. She was telling her but along with this, look at the same time, she said another thing, she said that the average real income in the country has increased by 50 in the last 10 years, look I calculated a little bit about it and I came to know that in  2013-14 because she said that there has been an increase of 50 in   10 years

 So when I saw the data of 2013-14, the official figure, then I came to know that at that time our average real income was  6857 ok and now if we talk in the present, then our average real income is 2023 24  and let me tell you this figure which had just come advance estimate, I had also made a video about it, on the fifth of January, so this advance estimate that came was the government. It was told in it that our average real income has been  98374, so according to this, if you see, then there has been a jump of 43.5 in the last  10 years, then here you have to understand that even though Nirmala Sitharaman ji has said at  50 that our real income has increased but actually it has increased to  43.5. Well  , now I come here, take the GDP figure and see already speaking. Given that the GDP rate of India  is going to be above 7, the fact which is just day before yesterday that your mini survey was taken out and I have already made a video on it, then in that also it has been said that it is going to remain at 7 here and especially since Covid, if you see, then this will be the third time that our GDP is at  7.  And next year also it can be here that  the GDP will remain above 7 and at the same time it has been shown by comparing how India’s GDP is

Then apart from this, I found another interesting thing that Nirmala Sitharaman ji had in her speech, look at GDP, what is the meaning of GDP, gross domestic product, but she gave a new definition of GDP and said that for us, GDP is important because it is for us, governance Development and performance was basically indicating that when we talk about GDP, we focus on governance, focus on development and focus on our performance, then keep this in mind that an attempt has been made to give a new definition to GDP, then apart from this, you can see the government’s From the side, it was that here we are going towards Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas, there will be comprehensive development and along with this, the Trinity which is Trinity means Democracy and Diversity means Democracy, you know that what we talk about here is neither elections nor then apart from this, Demography means that we have a huge population, if we have a young population, then we can take advantage of them. And diversity is our strength in our country and with this strength we will become developed India in  2000-47, then another interesting thing has happened here, that is the new factor of production, look at economics, if you have studied even a little, then the first thing that is said in it.

 That which is the factors of production, which are the most important, land labour capital and entrepreneurs of production factors of production means that if you have to make anything, then you will need these four things at least and there are many other factors of production like raw mat, reel etc. Here Nirmala Sitharaman ji said in her speech that in today’s date, digital public infrastructure within India has also become a new factor of production, that is, if you have to produce anything

 So they will not be able to do without digital public infrastructure, like in today’s date, Aadhaar has been done, UPI has become a part of our life, so this is also a new factor of production, it has been told by them, then next I come, here the focus of Nirmala Sitharaman ji was about welfare of farmers. What achievements he told He has said that there will be Direct Financial Assistant,  5 years ago, when the interim budget was being taken out here, in 2019, the government had announced the PM Kisan scheme, under which the farmers who are are given ₹ 6000,  ₹ 66000  is given in three installments by doing two 2000, so till now you can see   11.8 Crores of farmers have benefited from this, then apart from this, crop insurance is very important for farmers, he said that 4 crore farmers have got crop insurance under PM Crop Insurance Scheme

Then next told here how the name of the market has been integrated here in a way  1361  across the country, due to which the online trading that if you see, it has reached around 3 lakh crores, apart from this, here he told how the government which is continuously increasing the procurement of wheat and rice, it is increasing here. You can see the figure shown how in 20222  then in  2023-24,  38  lakh metric tonnes will be seen in a good jump, while you can see that in  the case of wheat also rice has been done, then the government is increasing the procurement in all these things, then apart from this, if we talk about agriculture and fruit processing, then you can see that it has been said that The government will promote public and private investment in post-harvest activities, so basically the warehouses etc. that are there here, the food grains of the farmers  etc.

It can be stored and when it is sold when it gets a good price, then the government will promote it in it, then with urea etc. He told that it will be promoted separately, the government is also formatting the oil seeds strategy which is a self-sufficient oil seed campaign strategy so that we can become self-reliant. In the case of oil seeds, we do not have to import from outside. Apart from this, the Comprint Program for Dairy Development Again, the government will bring a policy regarding this here, look, it has not been told yet what is the policy, but it will be brought later, it has been said, apart from this, you must be aware of the Matsya Sampada Scheme here, under this, efforts are made to increase the production of fisheries etc. here, then the government is going to focus on that too. Nirmala Sitharaman said that so far 1.4 crore youth have been given skills under this mission since the government launched it and those who were already youth, their skills have been re-skilling and their skills have been increased to around 54 lakhs Interim Union Budget 2024-25

And more than 3000 new IITs have been created in the country, sorry, not IITs, keep in mind ITIs and as far as IITs, AIIMS and universities are concerned, you can see this figure, the government said that in 2014, there were a total of 16 IITs, it has increased to 23 in the country, IM was seven earlier, now it has become 22, if you see, there were 723, now it has increased to 23. 1113 has been done, so this government has told its achievement, as far as women power is concerned, then see Nirmala Sitharaman ji focused and told how in STEM courses, STEM means which is science, engineering, maths, in such courses, earlier women who are girls did not participate as much.

 But now if you see the enrollment ratio in the last 10 years, 10 years ago, the enrollment ratio was only 28, it has increased to 43 in today’s date, which is one of the highest in the world, apart from focusing on women power, he told how triple talaq was made illegal, we have provided reservation, inside the Parliament, you know what Women Reservation Bill has come, 1 third seats will be reserved, then apart from this, 70 per off-houses under PM Awas Yojana, this has been given to women so that their dignity can increase in a way, then next comes, on top of health, some things have been announced in health, one is the first to say that cervical cancer has become a big problem, in view of this, 9 to 14 Vaccination will be provided to all girls of age, then apart from this, what happens in Saksham Anganwadi and Nutrition 2 Interim Union Budget 2024-25

In order to provide nutritious nutrition to the children who are small children, all these schemes will be further improved, apart from this, you know about Mission Indra Dhanush, when the child is born, since then many vaccines are given to him so that he does not get disease later, Interim Union Budget 2024-25then by winning a U-win here, the platform is being made yours so that which is Mission Indra Dhanush is to be rolled out in a better way, along with this, health cover will be provided from Ayushman Bharat. Interim Union Budget 2024-25

Welfare of ‘Annadata’ (INTERIM UNION BUDGET 2024-25)

  • PM-KISAN SAMMAN Yojana provided financial assistance to 11.8 crore farmers. 
  • Under PM Fasal BimaYojana, crop insurance is given to 4 crore farmers
  • Electronic National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) integrated 1361 mandis, providing services to 1.8 crore farmers with trading volume of Rs. 3 lakh crore. Interim Union Budget 2024-25

If we have to be self-reliant in the defense sector, then it is going to have a very good impact on that too, then apart from this, the government here told that we will also give interest-free loans to the states, that is, if we want to see the vision of developed India, to realize it, to fulfill it, then we will give Rs 55000 crore as an interest-free loan for  50 years to the states so that They can invest it in different places, then next if we come, here a different thing was told about sugar, Nirmala Sitharaman told that all the beneficiaries of Antyodaya Other Scheme till  311 March 2026, they will be given sugar only at 18.5  per kg per month Interim Union Budget 2024-25

 Then if we talk about Mudra loans, then look again the small businesses that are under Mudra Loans have benefited a lot, Nirmala Sitharaman ji told that 43 crore loans, if you look at the amount, then it comes to around  225, 22, 2.5 lakh crores, so much loan has been given under PM Mudra Yojana and out of this, if we talk about 43 crore loans.  Out of this, 30 crore loans have actually been given to women, in the last  10  years, then they were focusing on women power that we focus a lot on women so that we can help in starting their own business. Apart from this, you can also see in Jan Dhan Yojana, I have already told you 34  The government has already transferred lakh crores, then we come to the railways, look at the railways, here the government has told me, Sita Raman ji has announced three new corridors, separately in the railways, you know the corridors etc. that the government has started launching nowadays so that the trains that are specific for the same sector will run, so here you can see Energy Mineral End This government is going to launch a cement corridor Interim Union Budget 2024-25

 Then it has become port connectivity corridor, meaning corridor, like port, if we talk about ports, then if all the ports are connected there, then the rail will run there, in a way, the corridor connecting the coastal areas and then the high traffic density corridor, where there is a lot of traffic, trains are delayed, a separate corridor will be built there, then these three new Corridors have been announced, look, whenever it comes to railways, nowadays there is a lot of discussion about Vande Bharat Interim Union Budget 2024-25, so here a big announcement was made by Nirmala Sitharaman ji that 40000  bogies will be installed in trains and these bogies will not be any ordinary bogies, these basically which are the bogies of Vande Bharat standard, we are now agistarily different coaches of the country. But 40,000 bogies like Vande Bharat will be installed here. Then if we talk about infrastructure and investment, then look at these three major railway corridors.Interim Union Budget 2024-25

 Then after that it has been said here by the government that we will try to promote more and more foreign investment in India about infrastructure because there is still a lot of scope in India, the infrastructure has to be strengthened further, apart from this, the new airports that are available here will be developed more under the UDAN scheme.Also, here you know how the metro rail and the Namo Bharat that you will know now, the Navo Bharat that has been built to connect Delhi and Meerut, so many such trains that will help in urban transformation, we are going to do  that

Then apart from this, you can see here that there are some figures and it is very important, you will like to know all these things like if we talk about national highways, then what has happened here in the last 10 years, then you can see the figure of national highways here, in  2014-15, it was about  9799 km, it has increased to 144000  in today’s date.Km then apart from this, if we talk about the electrified rail route, then you can see that there was a huge jump in this too, it has doubled, the route in the railway has been electrified, then if we talk about aircraft movement according to million tons, then you can also see that the jump has happened and the number of airports in this you will get to see a lot of jump. Means it has become doubleInterim Union Budget 2024-25

The number of airports in India is 10, 10 years ago, you were around  74  and today, it has become around  150, here the government has said that one of our major focuses is your sustainable development and you know that the government has committed that net zero by 2070 means that by  2070,   India will have no carbon here. Dioxide is

He will not release extra, look what will come out normally, but we will compensate him, that means we will not release any carbon dioxide green house gas in the environment and to achieve this, here is the viability gap funding in wind energy, suppose if  it takes ₹  crore to install wind energy, then if there is a person here, he will give lakh crores. If the remaining 50  lakh is ready, then the government is bringing such viability gap funding from its side, then apart from this, Interim Union Budget 2024-25 the government will set up the coal gasilate capacity plant, apart from this, there are other things related to this, but you must be knowing what happened recently, just one day after the inauguration of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, I also made a video Separately, the government which is PM Modi had announced about the Solar Roof Top Scheme and the big thing in it has been said that the roof top solar panels which are there on about 1 crore houses of the country will be installed, look what is it now, in today’s date you will see that most of the solar energy that comes to us, the electricity that comes to us, solar is mostly the big projects that come from the solar energy. It comes from him in the field etc.Interim Union Budget 2024-25

But if we have to take it on a large scale, then the more houses install these solar panels on their roofs, the more you will see the number increasing and actually, what has happened in today’s date, a little bit of what has happened, you will get to see most of the offices etc. Interim Union Budget 2024-25Some are bringing incentives here and the only thing is that we will install roof top panels in 1 crore houses here, apart from this, e-buses will be used in the public transport network here. Some such things related to  sustainable development have been announced by Nimla Sitharaman ji, then next if we come here looking at the fard a environment. So you can see how the contribution of non-fossil fuel is increasing, that is, the electricity that is produced is what percentage of non-fossil fuel, then you can see that in 2004 it was  30, in 2014  it was  32 and in today’s date you can see that it has become around  43,  44

 Then you will be able to see here that the government has said that more than  10  crore LPG connections have been given, so what happens with this that instead of cooking food from wood in the houses, LPG is now being used, apart from this,  36 crore LED bulbs have been given,  72  lakh LED tube lights,  23 lakh energy efficient fans who are fans, all these things under the UJALA scheme. There are distributors, then apart from this, there are  1.3  crore LED street lights here, the street lights that we see on the streets, the things that are LED, there are also LEDs, they have been installed by you, then next there are some figures, you can see as you are getting to see the figure of current account deficit, it has come down in it, what is current account deficit, it is a simple thing.Interim Union Budget 2024-25

Whatever we do business from outside countries, suppose we have exported the goods worth 000 rupees, ok, we have sent it outside, then how much we have earned from it, it has been ₹ 1 and we have imported, we have imported goods of about  1200  from outside, then what is our  ₹ 1000000,   this is actually a deficit, current account deficit is called here, so here you You can see that the current account deficit has been declined, as far as the unemployment rate is concerned, look many times questions keep arising about this and more than  twitter.com, the digital transactions that are currently in the present will be seen and you must have heard another news, just recently came here yesterday, already I have made a video on that that is  paytm2.A payment bank has stopped it in a way, RBI has issued a directive, if you want, see it, well, here now I come, look at GST, it has been said about GST that the average monthly monthly gross collection of GST has increased very fast and in today’s date it has become  1.6 lakh crore. You will remember when it was implemented. Interim Union Budget 2024-25

 So there was a lot of criticism that the government is not able to raise even 1 lakh crore every month, but now it has gradually increased to   1.6 lakh crore, as far as inflation is concerned, the government also says that the situation which was in 2014  was 9  to 10, we have reduced it to  5 percent.If you have brought it under the scheme, then it has happened, which is the announcement of schemes and other things, now we come to Part B, that means that data which is very important for you to know, such as fiscal deficit, capital account, revenue receipt, we discuss all these things, first see what happens here, some money comes to the government and which the government has. Money comes, the government spends from it, the effect spends more, in every budget you must have seen that if the government is getting ₹ 1000000, then the government spends ₹ 10 and the remaining ₹  10 has to be taken from somewhere, out of this the government  will recover  ₹  as  a loan, then here the government will many times Interim Union Budget 2024-25take its own companies etc. Companies sell it, collect some money from there, so you always get to see more Interim Union Budget 2024-25expenditure in every budget, now when we talk about expenses and talk about revenue, then you have to take care of two things in it, one is your revenue, the other is capital, look at the revenue receipt, the money that is coming to the government, that money has been deducted from taxes. Lo, the challan that you got deducted on traffic lights etc., some fees etc. from there, all that challan money came, then all that money means that money from which the government has no liability, it is okay, like suppose if the government is doing some boro, the government is taking  ₹ 1.

 This  ₹ 10000000 crore from the IMF, which the government has said is fine for 2024-25, it is going to come around  30  lakh crores and the government which expenditures on things and also in expenditure, which revenue expenditure like the government pays salaries, Interim Union Budget 2024-25 its employees also have to give pension to the government employees, the government has to give pension to all those things. The government has just spent it, beyond that there is no return in the future, for example, if the government builds some roads etc., then the government collects toll etc. from it, then those things actually come in your capital expenditure.

The asset that is being created, the asset is not coming here, but yes it is also necessary because there should be government employees etc. So here you can see the revenue expenditure of the government is 36 lakh crore, that means how much revenue receipt is  30  lakh crore and they are spending  36.5 lakh crore.Interim Union Budget 2024-25

 So the difference that comes in both, we call that revenue deficit and here you can see the revenue deficit this time it has been reduced to 2 and remember that the revenue deficit should be very low, the more the revenue deficit increases, the more the problem is so what is here?

You can see that still look at the revenue deficit, the ideal situation is that the revenue deficit should be zero, that means we should not spend more than the money we are coming, the revenue receipt is coming, but because there are so many employees in India, their money also goes, there is a lot of expenditure on defense, then due to all those things you get to see the deficit. But you can see here it has actually been reduced continuously to 2.9,  2.8  and fard has now dropped it to  2, so I hope you must have understood here revenue receipt and revenue expenditure, in the same way, when we talk about capital receipt, then see what happens in capital receipt, the government took some loan, ok then the government Look at the money that came from selling your government companies etc. Look basically what is in it that the liability on the government is increasing and at the same time the assets of the government are decreasing.Interim Union Budget 2024-25

If our government sells some of its companies, then its assets are decreasing, and here when the government is taking loans, the liabilities are increasing, then we call it capital recy, then how much is estimated to come to the government from that in  2024-25,  17.6  lakh crores and the capital expenditure that the government is doing, look, actually, this is written  15 lakh crores, out of this, actually, if you will see. So it will come to your 11.1 lakh crore and the expense I will tell you further, don’t worry actually,  11.1  lakh crore is being spent on the government a capital expenditure, that is, on the roads etc., due to which the creation of assets is taking place and let me tell you that the more the government makes capital expenditure, it is a good thing, you keep this in mind, next now we come.Interim Union Budget 2024-25

 Look at the fiscal deficit, there has been a very good news in it, one has come good news related to capital expenditure, which the government has increased, then the next very good news that has come is the fiscal deficit and let me tell you, no one had probably thought of this, you can see the infact here, I want to tell you that this is of blue color that you are seeing. This is actually the fiscal deficit, last time we had thought that the current financial year is going on, keep in mind the 2023 24, which is currently going on in the current financial year, 2023 24, in which the government thought that our fiscal deficit would be 5.9 per cent of GDP Fiscal Deficit I Hope You know how much the government spends and how much revenue comes  Interim Union Budget 2024-25

 Assuming the difference that the government is spending  ₹ 1  and the revenue is coming to the government, 800 to -200, this becomes your fiscal deficit, then here you can see that instead of 5.9, the fiscal deficit of this year has been reduced to  5.8 percent of GDP and the next financial year  2000  of  2425  has been reduced to 2425. It has been said that we will drop the fiscal deficit to  5.1, look this is good news because I was seeing, most experts believed that the government would do it 5.25, but it was dropped which is a very good thing for the economy.  Interim Union Budget 2024-25

And because of this, the next figure that will come here, next year, the government which will set the target of fiscal deficit will be able to comfortably keep it at  4.5, meaning that we are doing well, actually, okay, so you have to take care of this, then you can see the revenue deficit too, you can see the line of red color, you can see how it has increased here, actually, this is big. You are seeing the jump, this which has gone up, it was actually the time of the time of Covid, actually, Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25 we were doing well earlier, you can see that our deficit was decreasing, so what has happened here is that due to the arrival of Covid, we were earning revenue, the government had to spend more, due to which this deficit had increased considerably. But now it has been brought back under control, then next is what I was telling you about capital expenditure, you will understand in this, what has actually happened here is that last year the government had set a target, in the last budget, the government had said that we will spend ₹  lakh crore in  2023-24, but actually, how much is the government spending 99.5 lakh crore means now? In the current financial year and the next financial year of 2025, the government will spend 11.1 lakh crore in it, actually, if you look carefully, the time of Covid here, in 2020, the government has jumped a lot from there, you can see the infact that our capital expenditure in   2020  was only around 4 lakh crore and now see this 11   It has become lakh crores, that means that with in four years, it has become more than double, it has become two and a half times.

Momentum for Nari Shakti(INTERIM UNION BUDGET 2024-25)

  • 30 crore Mudra Yojana loans given to women entrepreneurs.
  • Female enrolment in higher education gone up by 28%.
  • In STEM courses, girls and women constitute 43% of enrolment, one of the highest in the world.

Over 70% houses under PM Awas Yojana given to women from rural areas

And that is why I am saying that increasing capital expenditure is a very good thing, it should be because it creates assets, it gives returns, then next to the government, there are some ministry allocations here, you can see 6.2 lakh crore to the Defense Ministry,  2.7 lakh crore to the Ministry of Road Transport,  2.5 lakh crore to the Railways, if you want, here is one-You can see it once, but this is of the ministry, if we look at the major trends, on major items like transport etc., then you can see that too, the government is spending 5.4 lakh crores in transport, 2.6 lakh crores in rural development, 1.4 lakh crores in agriculture,  1.25  lakh crores in education, 0.9 lakh crores in health,  0.7 lakh crores in energy pay and    0.5   lakh crores in social welfare. The government is going to spend lakhs of crores

Now next if we talk about tax, look at the tax, whenever the budget comes, people are always hopeful, waiting whether the Finance Minister is going to make any changes in the tax, let me tell you that there has been no change, if we talk about corporate tax, then the same for assisting domestic companies is  on 22, if any new manufacturing companies come, then for that 15 But as far as personal income tax is concerned, which we and you people pay tax directly, then you can see in that if the person whose income is up to 7 lakhs, the tax structure which was running earlier is the same which was going on last year, then here actually it was earlier that  5 lakh crores, the government increased it to 7 lakhs, that is, whose income is up to  7  lakhs. He does not have to pay any tax and suppose if someone has more than 8 lakhs or 9 lakhs, then if he wants to put personal investment etc. in the right place, then he will not have to pay any tax, then it is like this and at the same time the government has said

PM Awas Yojana (Grameen)INTERIM UNION BUDGET 2024-25

  • Despite COVID challenges, the target of three crore houses under PM Awas Yojana (Grameen) will be achieved soon.
  • Two crore more houses to be taken up in the next five years.

Rooftop solarization and muft bijli

  • 1 crore households to obtain 300 units free electricity every month through rooftop solarization.
  • Each household is expected to save Rs.15000 to Rs.18000 annually.

Ayushman Bharat

  • Healthcare cover under Ayushman Bharat scheme to be extended to all ASHA workers, Anganwadi Workers and Helpers.

Agriculture and food processing

  • Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana has benefitted 38 lakh farmers and generated 10 lakh employment.
  • Pradhan Mantri Formalisation of Micro Food Processing Enterprises Yojana has assisted 2.4 lakh SHGs and 60000 individuals with credit linkages.

Research and Innovation for catalyzing growth, employment and development

  • A corpus of Rs.1 lakh crore to be established with fifty-year interest free loan to provide long-term financing or refinancing with long tenors and low or nil interest rates.
  • A new scheme to be launched for strengthening deep-tech technologies for defence purposes and expediting ‘atmanirbharta’.


  • Capital expenditure outlay for Infrastructure development and employment generation to be increased by 11.1 per cent to Rs.11,11,111 crore, that will be 3.4 per cent of the GDP.

Railways Interim Union Budget 2024-25

  • 3 major economic railway corridor programmes identified under the PM Gati Shakti to be implemented to improve logistics efficiency and reduce cost
    • Energy, mineral and cement corridors
    • Port connectivity corridors
    • High traffic density corridors
  • Forty thousand normal rail bogies to be converted to Vande Bharat standards.

Aviation Sector Interim Union Budget 2024-25

  • Number of airports in the country doubled to 149.
  • Five hundred and seventeen new routes are carrying 1.3 crore passengers.
  • Indian carriers have placed orders for over 1000 new aircrafts.

Green Energy

  • Coal gasification and liquefaction capacity of 100 MT to be set up by 2030.
  • Phased mandatory blending of compressed biogas (CBG) in compressed natural gas (CNG) for transport and piped natural gas (PNG) for domestic purposes to be mandated.

Tourism sector

  • States to be encouraged to take up comprehensive development of iconic tourist centres including their branding and marketing at global scale.
  • Framework for rating of the tourist centres based on quality of facilities and services to be established.
  • Long-term interest free loans to be provided to States for financing such development on matching basis.


  • FDI inflow during 2014-23 of USD 596 billion was twice of the inflow during 2005-14.

Reforms in the States for ‘Viksit Bharat’

  • A provision of Rs.75,000 crore rupees as fifty-year interest free loan is proposed to support milestone-linked reforms by the State Governments.

Revised Estimates (RE) 2023-24

  • RE of the total receipts other than borrowings is Rs.27.56 lakh crore, of which the tax receipts are Rs.23.24 lakh crore.
  • RE of the total expenditure is Rs.44.90 lakh crore.
  • Revenue receipts at Rs.30.03 lakh crore are expected to be higher than the Budget Estimate, reflecting strong growth momentum and formalization in the economy.
  • RE of the fiscal deficit is 5.8 per cent of GDP for 2023-24.

Budget Estimates 2024-25

  • Total receipts other than borrowings and the total expenditure are estimated at Rs.30.80 and Rs.47.66 lakh crore respectively.
  • Tax receipts are estimated at Rs.26.02 lakh crore.   
  • Scheme of fifty-year interest free loan for capital expenditure to states to be continued this year with total outlay of Rs.1.3 lakh crore.
  • Fiscal deficit in 2024-25 is estimated to be 5.1 per cent of GDP
  • Gross and net market borrowings through dated securities during 2024-25 are estimated at Rs.14.13 and Rs.11.75 lakh crore respectively.

Part B

Direct taxes

  • FM proposes to retain same tax rates for direct taxes

Direct tax collection tripled, return filers increased to 2.

 That we are doing a fard extension for startups etc. here, some tax benefits etc. were announced by the government which was about to end in two-three months but the government has extended it till  2025, then apart from this, the government has made another big announcement here, that is that there was some arrears, that means some direct taxes had to come to the government, the government had to demand But the government has waived about it in a way, they are old ones, like in 20091, then between 2011 and 2015, there was a demand of  10000  crores,   so the government means what will happen to this, there are many middle class people on whom there was a demand for tax, in a way, the government has given exemption here, these have been some changes, just something more than that. No, now next if we come, then overall when we say budget and not how much is the budget this time, then saying budget means how much we spend and what is the meaning in expenditure, here I told you that there are two types of expenses, one is your capital expenditure, this is the capital expenditure that I showed you and the other is your revenue expenditure. If you look at the expenditure that is being incurred by combining both, then the budget that has come here Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25

 This time it has come about 47.6 lakh crores, this government is saying that this is going to be our expenditure and if you look carefully at one thing in this, then you will understand that this is the chart, basically I will tell you, look how much the government will spend 47.6  lakh crores, out of which 26  lakh crores is coming from the taxes that the government collects, GST. Income tax, from all these things and then some non-tax revenue that I told you has not become dividend profit, interest comes.

 Some government will get around  4  lakh crore and then about  17 lakh crore out of which the government does some boro, some boro or the government sold its company, the kind of things that happen are capital receipts, so if you add these three you are fine, then it becomes the full size of your budget. Now  we come to where the money is coming to the government here and where is the government spending it, then you should know the top four that are important in this, then see the maximum money that comes to the government in 2024-25

 Where does it come from, keep in mind, it comes the most, by bringing and other liability which the government boro, ok, taking loan etc. I told you, now it takes a lot of loan etc., then the government comes from there, then it is about  28 but means out of  100  ₹,  ₹  is coming by the government’s boro, then next if we talk about the second number here. But it is that your income tax is fine, which is personal income tax etc. Direct tax, which we say, then you will get to see this income tax,   Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25 19 but ok next if we talk about the tax that comes from the company, corporate tax, which we call okay, okay, before that you see, GST is also fine, even before GST, it comes to the government at about  18. And corporate tax comes from around 17, so you keep in mind where the maximum money is coming to the government, then next if we talk about where the government spends the most here, look again interesting, this too and many people get shocked.

Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25Interim Union Budget 2024-25v

 Hearing this figure, you know what the government spends the most, what is the meaning on interest payment, since independence, you know when I have already told you that whenever the budget of the government comes, the government does more expenditure and if the government has less money, then it is spending more, then it bores every year when the government If it bores, then it has to pay interest too, then the government keeps doing whatever is there year after year, and ultimately the interest that is there also increases and increases.

And in today’s date, whatever ₹ 1 the government spends, out of that ₹ goes only on interest payment, then the next comes, again the shares that go here, the taxes that mean you know that the tax that is shared with the states, out of the tax that came to the central government, the government also shares it with the states, then ₹  out of every   ₹ 1  Whatever is there, it goes to your states, then apart from this, the government also brings many schemes here, like if the central sector scheme is done, then 16  of it goes to the central sector scheme

Then in the same way, you can see the centrally spawn sard scheme, here also 8 is spoken by the Finance Commission, if you give some grants etc., then it goes to about 8, then in the rest of the defence, you can see that it costs a lot more on   8 and subsidies etc. then it is around 6,  so these above the Atlists three-Four remember to take the top which is one interest payment then the other here which shares the states then the third becomes yours Central Sector Scheme and after that here the Central Spawn Circuit Scheme so these things you should be in mind, then next if we talk about the tax that is coming to the government here, a direct tax and indirect tax you are sharing I am sure you know. Direct tax means whatever personal income tax has been done or corporate tax, it has to be deposited directly to the government, that is why we call it direct tax and what is GST, GST is an indirect tax in a way because as soon as we buy any goods by going to the market, we give that tax to the shopkeeper.

And that shopkeeper pays GST to the government, so it is called indirect tax, so you can see here this yellow one is showing the trend of direct tax and you will be able to see 6.7 per off-hour GDP, it has become direct tax in today’s date and the same indirect tax has become about  4.9  per GDP, so you will see almost a jump in both. Getting and overall you can see

  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25

 11.7 per GDP of GDP, you will get to see the tax leakage at this time, then the government should try to improve this fard, if you see the trend here, net receipt of the center, that means where the money that is coming to the government is coming from, fard, you can see that I had already told you in the chart, but a Once again you will be able to see 26 lakh crores coming to the government from taxes

Then 4 lakh crore here, the government gets interest etc., non-tax revenue which is not the government’s like challan etc., I told you traffic challans etc., if you mix all those things, then it becomes  4  lakh crores  and here non-debt capital residual means the government sells its companies etc., then you will get to see this total around  0.8 lakh crores, which is  Then this next chart is also very interesting, it is showing how the government transfers money to the states, then you can see the amount of money given by the government to the states in  2019-20.

 It was 11.45  lakh crore and in today’s date it has doubled, in  2024-25, 20 22.75 lakh crore, this government is going to give  20 22.75 lakh crore to the states, then the next has happened now, friends, now before going to the next final, if we talk about the Sensex here, because whenever the budget comes, people are very interested in how the stock market is performing. By the way, you can see what kind of performance has been in the last  10 years, sometimes it has gone negative, the overall most positive in the positive on the budget day was actually in 2021  

Budget 2024 Highlights & Announcements: No tax revisions, affordable houses; FM Sitharaman narrows fiscal deficit estimates

‘Garib Kalyan, Desh ka Kalyan’

  • Government assisted 25 crore people out of multi-dimensional poverty in last 10 years.
  • DBT of Rs. 34 lakh crore using PM-Jan Dhan accounts led to savings of Rs. 2.7 lakh crore for the Government.
  • PM-SVANidhi provided credit assistance to 78 lakh street vendors. 2.3 lakh have received credit for the third time.
  • PM-JANMAN Yojana to aid the development of particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTG).
  • PM-Vishwakarma Yojana provides end-to-end support to artisans and crafts people engaged in 18 trades.
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Modi goverment
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Next session Election result
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Railway
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Devlopment
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25 Nari Shakti
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25 IS ESTIMATED TO BE 5.1 PER CENT OF GDP
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25 FDI INFLOW DURING 2014-23 WAS USD 596 BILLION, WHICH IS TWICE THE INFLOW DURING 2005-14.
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25
  • Interim Union Budget 2024-25

 i hope that this was the entire budget  blog almost everything of yours has been covered in it, I have not left anything out of one-I have told you one thing which was important wherever there was a need.

After the elections, when the government brings another full budget, then I will again make a blog for you

Thank you so much


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