Why should we Indians go to the Maldives when we have Lakshadweep? It is more beautiful than the Maldives. BoycottMaldives

With such a beautiful place in Bharat, why go elsewhere?

 Indians go to the Maldives when we have Lakshadweep

Modi ji always makes every possible effort for the progress of India. He did this to promote tourism in Lakshadweep.

There is hardly any tourism infrastructure in Lakshwadeep, except on Bangaram Island. Let us develop proper resorts, supply chain, water supply, wastewater, waste management, power & healthcare infra & entertainment options so that Indian tourists of all ages can access its natural beauty. Jai Hind

You are a true influencer @narendramodi ! Doing things like no other PM … promoting India and its Gems like no one else have done ever !


This is not #Maldives. BoycottMaldives

This beautiful place is from #Lakshadweep.

You don’t need a passport, visa, or permission to travel to #Lakshadweep.

Why do you want to go to a country whose government and people hate you?

“Dear Indians, please talk about those Indians who want to throw out Indians.” Cancel your travel plans (if any) for the sale as soon as possible. Why would you want to go to a country where people disrespect you? Lakshadweep is waiting for you.”


More than 7500 hotel bookings have been cancelled in Maldives. More than 2300 flight tickets have been cancelled. Maldivians should know that we Indians can destroy their economy. Lakshadweep & Andaman will beat Maldives in 5 years.#BoycottMaldives

how me the biggest influencer than Modi in India! I bet you, you can’t! More than 7500 hotel bookings & 2300 flight tickets have been cancelled for Maldives in 2 days! Your one decision can help India to become World’s 3rd economy! BoycottMaldives

Narendra Modi visited Lakshadweep #BoycottMaldives

The case has its origins in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Lakshadweep, which sparked interest in the Indian island among travel lovers. During his visit, Modi inaugurated several development projects and also visited the beautiful beaches of Lakshadweep. Pictures of Modi snorkeling in the sea went viral on social media and were top-trending on Instagram.#BoycottMaldives

Why is #BoycottMaldives trending? People canceled Maldives tours

#BoycottMaldives :Maldives Minister’s bad words on PM Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep, Indians took revenge like this

Days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep, amid controversy over a Maldives minister’s tweet, several Indians on social media have claimed to have canceled their planned trips to the island nation. Is. This controversy arose from the tweet of a Maldivian minister.

In a tweet, a Maldivian minister accused India of targeting the country and said that India faces challenges in competing with Maldives in beach tourism.

The beauty of lakshadweep Island 🏝️ 😍


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